Northern Colorado IT Services


Cloud Computing, Managed Services, Hosted VOIP, Vendor Management, Traditional IT Support……What does YOUR Technology picture look like?

 Pallette of ServicesYour business success depends on all the resources available to you – human and technological – working in unison to develop the products and services that give you the competitive edge with your customers.

Technology used to mean the box and monitor sitting on your desk, being feed by the server down the hall. The demands of today’s customers requires that chain to be broken, allowing you to collaborate with your smartphone at a client’s office, your tablet at the coffee shop, your laptop at home as well as the computer at your desk – all accessing the same documents and files you are collaborating on – real-time – with your colleagues.

Your email mailbox must look the same wherever you are. The sales quote you have in front of your customer must reflect the latest, and best possible pricing you can provide – right now! Not next week, while your estimator has a chance to go through the numbers.

Doing business in today’s environment requires much more diversity in technological capabilities. Instead of you having to interrupt your day to babysit technology, you need it to work for you. In short – technology needs to make you money. You can’t be worried about a server going down while closing out the monthly financials, or your Marketing Manager needing a new monitor, or whether your network switches will handle the load of cloud computing.

Let us dip into our palette of possibilities and create a solution as unique as your business is. Maybe you need someone to insure that your technology is available 24/7/365. Our Managed Services offerings can insure peace of mind, and take the frustrations of interrupting your schedule to take care of somebody’s balky computer. Perhaps your telephone system is not making you money anymore. We can provide a hosted VOIP solution that will give you access anywhere – just as if you never left the office. Tired of having to take your backups offsite to comply with your insurance company – we can provide you a Cloud-Based solution that does that for you.

Oh, and let’s not forget the confusing and oftentimes irritating need to contact your internet provider when you lose connectivity, the phone company when you want to add a line, the copier service tech when your all-in-one, supposed to do everything, copier/printer turns into a can’t-do-anything pile of plastic and metal! We can manage all of your technology vendors – freeing up your schedule and letting you focus on more important things.

Does this mean we can’t come in and just fix your computer when it is broken? Of course we can! If your needs are not so complex, and you just need someone to fix a crashed computer – we can do that too. We have a complete line of Traditional I.T. Service offerings.